The present page is a summary of the main data concerning the association Rare Disorders Belgium (RDB). RDB was founded in the French speaking part of Belgium, where is its office. Nevertheless, close cooperation with our Netherlands speaking friends is the rule, and Netherlands pages can be found in our site. We are aware that some persons living in Belgium are neither French nor Netherlands speakers. The following text explains for them in English the organization of RDB and its web site.

RDB is a non-profit organization that aims to help you to better understand your rare disease or your rare handicap, to bring your loneliness to an end, and to assist you to benefit from the legal, social and insurance rights you are entitled to receive.

Telephone advice on Thursday morning: 081 30 73 75 or 0495 52 99 78

E-mail address: administration@rd-b.be

Call us!

– You can contact our specialized medical staff. Medical doctors will be glad to answer to your questions. If necessary, they will direct you to relevant centers or institutions.

– If you wish so, meetings with patients showing the same rare disorder as yours can be organized, in order to break your loneliness.

– You can contact our legal advisor and our insurance advisor. They will answer to many arising questions: which insurance, compulsory or complementary, will pay for medical costs, which labor laws apply to your case, etc.

– Your needs and your legal rights are taken in charge by RDB, with the purpose to influence public decisions at different levels (local, regional, federal, European and international) on problems associated with rare diseases, in such fields as ethics, scientific questions and social welfare.

Frequently asked questions


Acknowledgements: RDB thanks Mrs. Laurence Anciaux, infographist, and Mr. Germain Saval, research fellow in the Faculty of Informatics (Namur University) for carrying out the present web site, and Mr. Patrick Gillerot, communication manager, for editing the text.