Rare diseases

A rare disease, or orphan disease, affects less than 1/2000 persons in the general population. Up to now, 7000 rare diseases have been identified all through the world. In Belgium, it is generally admitted that 60 000 to 100 000 persons are concerned. Rare diseases may show genetic (70-80% of all cases), infectious, autoimmune or cancer origins. However, many are still of unknown cause.

RDB files include about 500 rare pathologies. This compilation is the result of more or less 1600 contacts with patients or parents of patients showing a rare disease. Members of RDB (associations, help desks and individual patients) are also listed in the files. You have a direct access to these files, in the first section of the French version of RDB presentation (many syndromes have English names). Should your rare disease not be mentioned, please let it know. In all cases, RDB brings you a whole range of services.